The Benefits of Regular Pet Grooming

1. Regular grooming helps to maintain a healthy coat and skin. Scrubbing, blow drying, and brushing removes dead skin and hair as well as allowing air to circulate through the coat. Brushing also helps to distribute the pet’s natural oils throughout the coat.

2. You can inspect the skin and coat during grooming. Regular grooming may even give you a chance to find any abnormalities, including fleas and ticks. Quite often, Once you find these critters and you must to find out the way to remove them from the pet.

3. Frequent and regular grooming is beneficial for most pets who suffer from anxiety. Sometime clients feel reluctant to bring in their fur babies for grooming because they simply don’t enjoy being groomed or are afraid. A fellow groomer once told me: a dog that’s groomed every 3-6 months see the groomer’s as punishment, while a dog that’s groomed every 4-6 weeks see it as a part of life.